The Data Platform to Connect Devices

Build an Ecosystem with DotLinker

What is DotLinker?

DotLinker provides cloud software to connect devices and build an ecosystem with the data.   Connected devices interact with other devices, users, and additional cloud services using real-time data sharing APIs.   Users can authorize devices to interact with their data to have a more connected experience between their products bridging enterprise and consumer experiences.   Device manufacturers can manage their devices remotely, push new software updates over the network and integrate all the data into additional enterprise systems.
  • Self-hosted or use our servers
  • Data compatibility
  • Increase device battery life
  • Manage device software updates
  • Highly scalable performance
  • Integrate consumer and enterprise experiences

Solutions for Connecting Devices

The Internet of Things is about connecting devices, and having them interact with each other to become smarter together while solving bigger use cases than just one device.  DotLinker enables this to happen, letting devices connect and share, and incrementally become more and more compatible as well as push some of their smarts into the cloud to be run on the DotLinker servers.

DotLinker serves as the their first place of contact on the network taking care of storing the data, sharing it, and securing it.

Device Compatibility

You’re going to come up with new ideas, things you didn’t think about when you shipped your first version.  DotLinker enables you to incrementally add compatibility server side.
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Better Battery Life

DotLinker enables devices to run some of their functions on the DotLinker servers.  Save battery life by filtering and notifying in the cloud rather than the device.
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Flexible Device Management

Use our Management Console to interact with your devices, push software updates over the air, and diagnose issues remotely.
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Connect Big Data

DotLinker delivers petabytes of data storage and allows real-time computing on that data.  Devices and other cloud services can connect into DotLinker to interact with each other, sharing data, reacting in real-time to changes, and sending messages to each other.   As you come up with new mobile apps, servers and new device products you can add them to your data network with DotLinker and gain momentum with the data you already have.

Business Analytics

Business analytics systems can be integrated using our real-time firehose streams.  Only the data you want shared is sent, and the data can be modified before sending.

React in Real-Time

External servers can receive real-time HTTP Push events.  React to your customers in real-time.

Data Brokerage

Data can be shared with third parties allowing for monetization of data.

Connect with your Users

Having two different network systems to support enterprise and consumer use cases is inefficient.  DotLinker supports joining these together enabling better momentum.  Similar to how Facebook and Dropbox work, users can log into the oAuth2 portal to grant access to applications, devices, and services to have access to their account and data.  Once they have access they are able to interact with other devices that that user owns to enable use cases like smart homes.

Create a Social Network

You can create a social network of your devices between users.  Users of your products can “friend” other users, and exchange data about their use of your products, without having to associate them with other social networks.

Integrate Consumer Experiences

Easily add services like Twitter and Facebook to your device experience using our platform.  Integrating with DotLinker has many benefits including simplifying the code on the devices to only send/recv data to one cloud.  If the third party changes their API’s you can fix it in the cloud instead of on each device.